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Section 508 report created by DOJ and GSA

Section 508 requires the Attorney General to submit to the President and Congress reports containing information on and recommendations regarding the state of federal department and agency compliance with Section 508.2

The last such report was submitted by the Department of Justice in 2012.

Since 2013, however, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the General Services Administration (GSA) have led a program to track federal agency efforts to maintain accessible ICT and improve management of Section 508 programs.

Beginning in December 2013 and continuing every six months thereafter, GSA has collected and analyzed data provided by all 24 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act federal agencies, which are required to participate, as well as additional agencies that choose to participate, concerning the accessibility of their ICT.

The Department of Justice and GSA have worked together to submit this report based on data from February, 2021 through August, 2022 that was collected and analyzed by GSA.


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